Capsiplex Reviews

Among the many diet supplements on the market, Capsiplex natural diet pills have received the most reviews and attention. This is a diet pill that encourages its users to eat better and exercise regularly, but still works very well if you don’t do both. On the first launch of the supplement, the manufacturer sold out their entire supply of over 50,000 bottles in three days. Shortly thereafter, celebrities tried it out following the positive feedback as well as the convenience the supplement gives them around their busy schedules and the lot of public attention they receive. Celebrity endorsements were flowing in from stars such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears who were using Capsiplex regularly.

The genuinely inventive aspect of Capsiplex is the simplicity and the natural ingredients found in the product. It’s not a secret that that hot peppers (also known as capsicum peppers) or capsaicinoids, which makes hot peppers hot, can boost the metabolism if taken in high enough dosages. The challenge for the other manufacturers has been, incorporating enough capsicum peppers into your diet to make a difference without burning and irritating your mouth and stomach or fingertips when preparing that many red hot peppers daily. Capsiplex contains the vital capsaicinoids within a non-irritating, layered beadlet design pill that not only makes it safe to handle, but prevents the capsaicinoids from aggravating your mouth and stomach. That patented outer layer is designed so that it will not dissolve until it hits the higher pH levels of your intestines, neatly bypassing the chance of any upset gastronomically.  Before Capsiplex, there was just no way to get high levels of capsicum extract into your system with such ease and comfort.
The capsaicinoids work to boost your metabolism, but Capsiplex is so much more than just a metabolism boost. The inventors added three other key ingredients that work together with the capsicum extract to create an ideal  
weight loss supplement. Caffeine which, when taken in the morning, helps get you up and moving, as well as contributing to fat oxidation. Piperine (black pepper extract) helps your body to not only absorb the maximum amount of capsicum extract, but also keeps it in your cells longer, which in turns means you burn fat for that much longer. Niacin (vitamin B3) releases energy from carbohydrates, making your body use them more efficiently; it also flushes out the cholesterol in your system. Together, these four natural ingredients raise your metabolism; whether you are resting, working at your desk, or working outside, you simply burn more fat throughout the day.
In clinical trials, people on Capsiplex diet pills averaged a cumulative total of 278 more calories burned before, during, and after exercise than those taking a placebo. Also. the Capsiplex users had better oxygen uptake (which leads to better stamina) and tended to exert themselves more, though they reported they didn’t feel as if they were working out any harder. This means that not only does Capsiplex make you look better; you actually feel better too. No doubt people are seeing amazing results. Many of the comments online talk about people losing five to ten pounds in the first few weeks, without change in diet or exercise levels. Those who take full advantage of the metabolism boost by exercising tend to see significant weight loss. The dieter who just can’t lose those last ten pounds, Capsiplex sounds like the perfect boost to finally get that body you’ve always wanted.
Capsiplex has an easy-to-navigate website, complete with more detailed information, testimonials, explanations of the clinical trials the supplement has undergone, ordering information, and more.

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