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Phenq is a natural diet pill, the content of which includes an extract from very hot peppers known as capsicum. It stimulates the user’s metabolism thereby smoothening the process of weight loss. This product has generated a lot of excitement and attracted many fans from all walks of life that has included endorsements from celebrities. Phenq boosts metabolism, especially during exercise as confirmed by varous scientific tests carried out by recognised bodies. On taking the supplement, your metabolism burns about 3 times as many calories as you would burn without exercise. On commencing exercise, the supplement users burn 3 percent more calories, for up to one hour after exercise. The documented average extra calories burned on using Phenq is about 278 per day.
The capsicum extract in hot peppers as well as it’s metabolic attributes have been in the public domain for a long time. However, the problem then was the inability to get sufficient quantities in the human digestive system without causing severe irritation to the stomach lining and other tissues, the mouth, the eyes and skin. The peppers that have high capsaicinoids (capsicum extract) are tremendously hot. This is more than the majority of people would tolerate, let alone the fact that the amount needed to sufficiently stimulate weight loss would be too much for frequent consumption. Previously, diet pill companies have tried to utilise the beneficial effects of capsicum extract, but earlier attempts either resulted in the diet pills dissolving in the stomach, causing severe stomach irritation, or failed to wholly absorb in the intestine, resulting in painful burning during bowel movements.
PhenQ manufacturers have overcome the irritating properties of capsicum by containing the capsicum extract in a non-irritating outer layer of the beadlet design that not only protects the skin and mouth, but also withstands the lower pH levels of the stomach. So the capsicum is only introduced into the body once it hits the higher pH levels of the intestines, neatly bypassing the more sensitive parts of the body. In addition, piperine extract has been included to boost the levels at which nutrients are absorbed. The importance of piperine is not limited to making Phenq more effective overall, but this increased absorption means that all of the capsicum extract is processed by the body before expulsion. This means that with this product, you will not experience the painful burning bowel movements that other products give you.
There is a small amount of caffeine contained in Phenq which helps increase energy expenditure (encouraging the tendency to exercise), as well as niacin (vitamin B3) which helps your body release energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. People who are niacin deficient have slow metabolism, so Phenq ensures more efficient metabolism. As celebrity users such as Brad Pitt and model Nicola McClean joining in, Phenq has quickly become one of the most popular natural diet supplements on the market today. The proven results in clinical studies and increasing testimonials from ordinary people, it’s star will keep rising.

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